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Fixed price menu

  • Pasta dish of the day or vegetable soup
  • Veal, pork or chicken with a side dish
  • Season fruit and bread


€ 14,00 (Cover charge included)

    Franciscan Menu

  • Primo Piatto a scelta fra:
    • Spaghetti alla carbonara (with bacon, eggs and black pepper) 
    • Vegetable Soup 
    • Pasta with tomato sauce
  • Season side dish and bread
  • Season fruit


€ 11,00 (Cover charge included)

Italian Style Appetisers

Antipasto alla Casareccia

A mixed plate of local salami and cheeses

€ 6,50

Antipasto Capriccioso

Garlic bread with mushrooms and tomatoes, parmesan cheese, dry-salted beef,
homemade traditional bread “torta al testo” filled with neck ham and ham

€ 7,50

Antipasto Birichino

Local  salami served with spinach and homemade traditional bread “torta al testo”

€ 6,00

Antipasto di Mare

Smoked  salmon,  seafood  salad,  shrimp sauce

€ 8,00

Bruschetta al tartufo

Garlic bread with  oil  and  truffles

€ 5,50

Bruschette miste 

Garlic bread with olives and  truffles, tomatoes, olives and mushrooms, radicchio and walnuts

€ 5,00

Scamorza al coccio

Scamorza cheese with ham

€ 5,50

Fantasia di formaggi

Mixed cheeses served with jam and honey

€ 8,00

Bresaola alla Rocca

Dry-salted beef, rocket, parmesan cheese 

€ 5,00


Pasta Dishes

Bicoli alla contadina

Short pasta served with tomato, rucola t and cheese sauce

€ 6,50

Bicoli del "Magneddorme"

Short pasta served with smoked ham and courgettes

€ 6,50

Bicoli del pastore

Short pasta served  with  radicchio, nuts  and gorgonzola sauce

€ 6,50

Cannelloni al forno 

Cannelloni pasta filled with meat in tomato sauce

€ 7,00

Cappellacci al pomodoro

Cappellaci stuffed buffalo with fresh tomato

€ 7,00

Crespelle alla Rocca

Small omelettes filled with ham, cheese and mushrooms and baked in the oven

€ 7,00

Gnocchi al ragù

Potato dumplings served with tomato and meat sauce

€ 6,50

Pappardelle ai funghi porcini

Long pasta served with porcini mushroom and chilli pepper

€ 7,50

Penne alla norcina

Short pasta served with whipped cream, sausage and chilli pepper sauce

€ 6,50

Ravioli al tartufo

Ravioli with truffles 

€ 7,50

Spaghetti alla carbonara

Spaghetti with bacon, egg and black pepper

€ 6,50

Strangozzi al tartufo

Thin pasta rnade from flour and water served with truffles

€ 7,50

Strangozzi alla spoletina 

Thin pasta made from flour and water served with tomato, pepper and spice sauce

€ 6,50

Tagliatelle al tartufo

Tagliatelle served with truffles

€ 7,50

Taglierini al limone

Taglierini with smoked ham, cream and lemon sauce

€ 6,50

Tortellini al tartufo 

Tortellini served with truffles

€ 7,50

Minestrone di verdura

Vegetable soup

€ 6,50



Grilled pork chop 

€ 6,50

Grilled veal steak 

€ 12,00

Veal steak with truffles 

€ 13,00

Grilled lamb cutlet 

€ 8,50

Filetto di vitello all’aceto balsamico

Veal fillet steak with balsamic vinegar, rucola  and parmesan cheese 

€ 14,00

Filetto di vitello al tartufo e porcini

Veal fillet steak with truffles, porcini mushrooms and thyme

€ 15,00

Filetto di vitello ai carciofi

Veal fillet steak with  artichokes, ham and paremesan cheese

€ 14,00

Filetto di vitello al pepe verde

Filetto di vitello condito con peper verde e panna

€ 14,00
Truffle Omelette  € 6,50

Involtini alla maggiorana

Veal roulades filled with minced beef, sausages, parmesan cheese and sweet marjoram

€ 7,00

Fagottino di tacchino al portafoglio

Baked turkey breast with cheese and ham

€ 6,50

Grilled pork sausag

€ 6,00

Scaloppa dello chef

Veal escalope with artichokes and baked with cheese

€ 6,50

Scaloppa al Radicchio trevigiano

Baked escalop with radicchio, taleggio cheese and parmesan cheese

€ 6,50

Filetto di maiale Speck e gorgonzola

Pork fillet steak with speck and gorgonzola cheese

€ 8,00

Straccetti di vitello al tartufo

Thin slices of veal cooked in black truffles

€ 12,00

Tagliata di vitello alla rucola

Veal steak with rocket and balsamic vinegar

€ 11,00

Tagliata di vitello all’ortolana

Veal steak with balsamic vinegar, tomatoes,  rucola  and parmesan cheese


€ 12,00

Our big salads


Mozzarella and tomatoes with olive oil and oregano

€ 4,00


Big salad with  radicchio, rucola  and parmesan cheese

€ 4,00


Big salad with pears, pecorino (sheep’s milk cheese) and nuts

€ 4,50


Big salad with sweet corn, tuna and tomatoe

€ 4,50


Big salade with mozzarella, orange and pine nuts

€ 5,00


Spelt salad with  rucola, tomatoes and parmesan cheese

€ 4,50


Mixed salad

€ 2,5


Desserts and Fruit

Sfogliatina alla crema chantilly e Frutti di bosco

Puff pastry baskets with chantilly cream and woodland fruits

€ 4,00

Panna cotta

Cooked crean with  chocolate, woodlandfruits  or caramel

€ 3,00

Semifreddo ai pistacchi

Home made ice cream flavored with  pistachio

€ 4,00

Semifreddo al cioccolato

Home made ice cream flavored with  chocolate and almonds

€ 4,00

Bis di dolci

A taste of  Puff pastry baskets with chantilly cream and woodland fruits and a taste of ome made
ice cream flavored with  pistachio

€ 5,00

Tozzetti con vin santo

Home made buiscuits served with  sweet wine

€ 4,00


Coco nut Ice-cram served in a coconut shell

€ 3,80

Sorbetto al limone

Lemon sobert ice-cram

€ 3,80

Tartufo bianco

Vanillia Ice-cream truffle with coffee

€ 3,20

Tartufo nero

Chocolate Ice-cream truffle with zabaglione

€ 3,20


Zabaglione Ice-cream

€ 3,70

Frutta di stagione

Season  fruit

€ 2,00

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